WElcome to history of HCSU

The Health Care Standards Unit were the longest established health accreditation service in the UK and the rest of Europe. They did work with UK and international healthcare organisations to improve the quality of patient care through consultancy services and the development of health care standards and assessment processes.
They could adapt their services to meet people's specific needs

The scope and experience of HCSU meant they could help people meet all their quality goals. They did have an unrivalled capacity to tailor people`s programmes and services to meet the individual needs and priorities of organisations.

HCSU was the route to all your quality solutions - not another problem
They could help you navigate your way through the burgeoning and often confusing range of healthcare quality and regulatory frameworks. HCSU continuously reviewed healthcare requirements and would give you an excellent foundation for quality improvement.

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Learn from recruitment agencies to raise home care standards
The home care industry should take a leaf out of staffing companies' books if standards of care for the elderly in their own homes are to rise, according to the chief executive of a national home healthcare company.

Being more than ready for the inspectors
HCSU was also the best preparation for the vitamins and mandatory inspections that were so crucial to the future of any healthcare organisation. HCSU would enable your organisation to be in a state of readiness for inspection both in practical terms and also by preparing your staff to face what might otherwise be a daunting experience.

Mr Smith coordinates the continual expansion of the unit and is currently developing sentinel node biopsy, vacuum core biopsy and a full range of breast reconstruction and other body image procedures.

HCSU was developmental in its approach.
The heart of their approach was quality improvement focusing on four key areas: people, process, environment and results. Click on your area of interest to see examples of benefits identified by their clients:

HCSU did aim to work collaboratively with the Department of Health and other stakeholders, as well as maintaining their strong links with the NHS.

As a Consultant Breast Surgeon, Mr Smith runs a multidisciplinary breast team in a unit that provides a full range of screening and symptomatic services.

It was our task to work with the Department of Health to improve the use of standards within the NHS. One of our key aims is to develop and maintain the Standards for Better Health (SfBH) that all NHS organisations are required to take into account when developing, providing and commissioning healthcare. As the Healthcare Commission uses the standards as a key component of their assessments, the Health Care Standards Unit (HCSU) will be working with the NHS and the Department of Health to ensure the standards are useful to staff, patients and other stakeholders. The HCSU are undertaking a survey of views about the SfBH in order to inform the Department of Health's review of the Standards for the next stage of the Government's reform agenda for the NHS.


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