Health Standards 2016

HCSU had revised its standards for GP practices and primary health care teams. The fifth edition (March 2016) incorporated all the organisational requirements of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) and the GMC contract. The standards had been slimmed down to a manageable eight, covering:

" Management arrangements
" Patient experience
" Providing primary health care services
" Management of medicines
" Records and information about patients
" Clinical governance
" Risk management
" Running the practice

Practices already working with the programme had commented on the relevance of the standards and the improvements in the clear guidance and referencing. Working with the HCSU accreditation programme provided assurance that practices had all the systems in place to meet their QOF target and to take up the challenge of new targets emanating from National Service Frameworks.

What is the primary health care?

Primary health care refers to health care services that are provided outside the hospital. A general practitioner is a primary health care provider, as are nurses, pharmacists and allied health providers such as; dentists, podiatrists and so on.

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